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Salzburg, Upper Austria, Lower Western Austria

Consulting, sales, installation and repair: a comprehensive service, competently rendered by a single source.

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Product categories:

    Automotive | Office | Kids
  • Official TAS Occupational Seating partner *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    Promotion and protection of occupational health
  • Ergonomic & high-comfort seats *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    The best health choice for your back
  • Disabled user and rehab seats *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    For disabled users, with specific needs for assistance
  • Seats for camper vans, multispace vans and convertible panel vans *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    Providing comfortable seating during your journeys
  • Seats for MPVs, vans and vending vans *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    For frequent drivers and long-distance drivers
  • Classic line seats *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    For historic and vintage car lovers
  • Racing seats and shells *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    For total control on any track
  • Lorry and other vehicle drivers *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    For professional chauffeurs and special machinery drivers
  • Office seats and for intensive use *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    Comfort not merely in your car but in your office too
  • Children’s seats *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    Maximum safety and ease of use
  • Seat supports and specific solutions *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    Original, universal or unique customised solutions
  • Seat adjustment rail adaptation *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    More leg room in your passenger compartment
  • Upholstery and Corporate Design *FURTHER INFORMATION*
    customised design for office and automotive seats
  • Installation, adaptation, repair work
    by competent professionals
  • Homologation and type approval
    In partnership with the local Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency service centre.

WARNING: The installation of a RECARO seat and the related activation of the side airbag via the side airbag adapter (SAB) can only be done by an authorised workshop/service centre. (Otherwise the guarantee is null and void)

e.g. Ergomed ES SAB

e.g. office chair Ergomed EL



Mst. Christian Pötzelsberger

Sales consultant & product specialist for customised vehicle conversion solutions

By appointment only


+43 (0) 664 / 11 20 778