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TAS Team-Arbeitsplatz-Sitz offers solutions to alleviate back ache for all workplaces:

  • Office, home, coordination centres, etc.
  • Cars, SUVs, vans, lorries, etc.
  • Trailers, construction vehicles, tractors, etc.


TAS, which is headquartered in Austria, is an organisation operating across the European Union which relies on a network of partners specialising in long-term back health. Thanks to its commitment and occupational health know-how, TAS aims at outlining the policies and practices adopted in the field.

Promoting and protecting workers’ health

The success of a company depends on the well-being and efficiency of its employees. Indeed, a large number of companies implement the necessary measures to safeguard the health of their employees.

The advantages for employers and their employees

  • Reduced health risks, particularly the emergence of chronic diseases and so in the long run for early invalidity
  • Reduced number of cases and therefore absenteeism for sickness
  • Improved individual welfare
  • Improvement in worker satisfaction and morale
  • Improvement and safeguarding of personal quality of life
  • Overall rise in efficiency thanks to greater motivation

Ergonomic workstations

The design of ergonomic workstations fosters a tangible healthy lifestyle at work. Consequently, TAS recommends employers set up offices, company cars and long-distance commercial vehicles with appropriate anatomical seats to reduce and avoid the typical ailments caused by work, such as backache, muscle tension or headaches. The cost of ergonomic seats is amortised, from the company’s perspective, with a reduction in absenteeism.

Quick on-line test

Back pain, muscle tension or headache?

Put all such troubles behind you: take the first step towards pain-free everyday life!

With the quick test that TAS provides on-line (TAS Gesundheits-Online-Schnelltest) you can find out just how healthy your back is in a couple of clicks.

Start the test now!  www.tasgesundheit.at


TAS has developed a package of measures to reduce the inactivity times of a worker and thus consolidate the efficiency of the whole company.

Moreover, TAS personally takes care of presenting your application to obtain the incentive!

The packet of measures includes:

  • Consulting (directly in person in our showroom)
  • Estimate of costs to set up a conforming ergonomic workstation
  • Constant analysis by TAS of the worker’s welfare in the event of purchase, also via incentive, of a medical seat
  • Presentation to local rehabilitation institutes with special deals
  • Development according to type-approval and installation/assembly

Who can benefit from the incentive?

All workers who use a company car or have a fixed workstation in the workplace and who suffer from muscular-skeletal diseases.

What does the incentive cover?

The incentive covers specific ergonomic seats for professional use.

How can I benefit from the incentive?

Please contact us for a non-binding initial consultation or to make an appointment in our sitting studio in Salzburg using our contact form: www.cp-kontaktformular.at

TAS: safe and healthy at work!




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