Feeling great and being comfortable while seated thanks to optimum leg room

As genuine specialists, we install extensions to the seat adjustment rails on all types of common vehicles, trouble-free

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Are you unusually tall and often have trouble with standard driver’s seats?

Do you adjust your seat to the rear-most position and still find you don’t have enough space to sit comfortably behind the steering wheel?

Do you have a slight disability that makes it difficult to get into your vehicle easily?

By installing the extension to the seat adjustment rails, you will gain more leg room and make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle.

This is because the extension installed on the seat adjustment rails facilitates and speeds up the forward or rear seat adjustment, more so than on standard models. This allows full use of the available interior space right up to the rear seat.

Example of a seat adjustment rail for a
RECARO Ergomed ES SAB (with side airbag)



Mst. Christian Pötzelsberger

Director & product specialist for customised vehicle conversion solutions

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