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Recaro Ergomed ES SAB


RECARO Ergomed ES SAB is the seat suited to frequent drivers who travel long distances. Among the RECARO high comfort ergonomic seats, this product is outstanding in terms of comfort and functionality, thanks to its adjustment possibilities, allowing your back to withstand hours of being seated.

Seat characteristics:

  • Lower back support
  • Extending cushion
  • Seat back reclining lever on both sides
  • Easy to use switch pack
  • Adjustable headrest and back pocket
  • Electric height, reclining and backrest adjustment
  • Electric backrest and seat side support adjustment
  • Seat ventilation and heating system
  • Universal side airbag (SAB)

RECARO Ergomed ES SAB seat patents:

  • Patented steel body for optimum support of the whole spine
  • Patented RECARO Airmatic system for the electronic lower back support adjustment using a valve which adjusts the air chambers
  • Patented RECARO Vent System for body moisture absorption

RECARO Ergomed ES SAB is available with different upholstery covers.

WARNING: The installation of a RECARO seat and the related activation of the side airbag via the side airbag adapter (SAB) can only be done by an authorised workshop/service centre. (Otherwise the guarantee is null and void)

e.g. Ergomed ES SAB



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