For disabled users, with specific needs for assistance

Road haulers, passengers, chauffeurs or service providers: we offer a comprehensive service, competently rendered by a single source.!

„Service & QUALITY“

make the difference

Product categories:

  • Cutting and lowering of the rear-entry floor
    safe and easy | variable seat capacity
  • Lifts
    swivel single arm | double arm | concealed in-floor
  • Pull-out and sliding seats
    for driver’s or passenger seat
  • Steps and vehicle access solutions
    electrical and automatic | grab handles | tip up plates
  • Driving and usage aids
    manual controls | power steering | seat and pedal adaptation
  • Multifunctional vehicles
    RolliBox | wheelchair accessible vehicles | medical transportation vehicles
  • Ramps
    powered | fold-out | portable | removable
  • Modular floor system with seat and wheelchair positioning guides
    9-seater vehicles | wheelchair-accessible vehicles | vehicles for transporting bedridden patients or people on stretchers
  • Wheelchair anchor system
    seat belt reels | chest belts | hip belts | accessories
  • Headrest and backrest
    for vehicles with floor cutting and multifunctional
  • Wheelchair lifts
    for vehicle boot | for passenger compartment

E.g. Berlingo M (L1) with rear cutout

E.g. Spacetourer with Fiorella-lift

E.g. Berlingo XL (L2) with Turny Evo



Mst. Christian Pötzelsberger

Director & product specialist for customised vehicle conversion solutions

By appointment only


+43 (0) 664 / 11 20 778