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Catering on wheels is now a well-established business which proves popular with people of all ages.
A food truck with a modern and functional design attracts attention in city centres, at corporate parties as well as in Street Food Festivals. With live cooking, you can entertain and at the same time entice your guests.

With the perfect equipment, such as solar panels or lithium-ion batteries, you’ll be independent of any infrastructure and connection.

All the staff of Christian Pötzelsberger provides the experience and expertise accrued over the years to help you get your food truck business off the ground.

Product categories:

  • Burgers & sandwiches (e.g. spit-roast chickens, hamburgers, pizza, ćevapčići, hot dogs, sausages, toasted sandwiches and wraps, French fries)
  • Bakery products & snacks (e.g. bread, sandwiches, toasted sandwiches)
  • Coffee & cakes (e.g. take-away coffee, waffles, crepes, pancakes, doughnuts)
  • Ice cream & frozen yoghurt
  • Soft drinks & cocktails (e.g. fruit juices, Prosecco, Aperol Spritz, beer)
01_Piaggio Porter

Example of “Spit-roast chicken” Food Truck

02_Piaggio Porter

Example of “New Vintage” Food Truck

03._Piaggio Porter

Example of “American” Food Truck



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