Mobile sales solutions
in classic ITALIAN STYLE

Consulting, sales, support and repair:
a comprehensive service, competently rendered by a single source.

„Service & QUALITY“

make the difference


  • An eye-catching feature for customers, when placed in front of a store or restaurant, or as a decorative prop, for instance on the terrace or in the garden.
  • Can also be used indoors (e.g. in shopping centres, events rooms, etc.).
  • Suitable for small spaces (e.g. town squares, clearings) or in city centres.
  • Easy to carry on your own vehicle or with a trailer.
  • Rapid commissioning and set-up for sale.

    Product categories:

    • Ice cream and frozen yoghurt
    • Coffee and cakes (e.g. take-away coffee, waffles, crepes)
    • Drinks, juices, wine, appetizers, beer, spritz
    • Bakery products and snacks (e.g. pizza, sandwiches, bread)
    • Advertising vehicle for trade fairs and shows

      Extensive choice:

      • Ape V-Curve & V-Curve Electric
        height-adjustable roof, bodywork with bevelled profiles, opens on 2 sides
      • Ape TR (engine not included)
        drop-in refrigerated display, square bodywork design, opens on 2 sides
      • Ape Smart & Smart V
        to work on the ground, opens on 2 or 3 sides
      • “Yield” Ape Trailer
        as an alternative to the classic Ape

      Example of Ape V-Curve


      Example of Ape TR

      Ape V-Smart

      Example Ape Smart V


      Example of „Yield“ Ape Trailer