Also available for multiple Audi models, such as for instance the Turny Evo seat by Braun Ability suitable for the Audi Q5. 

The car seat fitted with a swivel plate, a lift or an exiting system to allow you to get in and out of your vehicle effortlessly.

The right seat for every car model

When choosing a swivel seat that’s right for your needs and your particular car, you need to consider several aspects. The size, the mobility and weight of the user, as well as the height of the car door aperture and the angle of the car’s A and B pillars are essential elements that determine the choice of the most suitable swivel seat for the user and the car in question.

Turny Evo by Braun Ability

Shifting from a wheelchair to a car seat can be a daunting and uncomfortable experience in modern, aerodynamically-shaped cars. Turny Evo is not just a solution for wheelchair users, but also for anyone with reduced mobility or difficulty walking. 

Turny Evo is currently the most modern swivel seat on the market. Thanks to its exclusive characteristics, it can also be installed in vehicle models which cannot usually accommodate swivel seats. Thanks to its compact design and controllable movements, it can be installed in a broader selection of SUVs, minivans, minibuses, crossovers and similar vehicles compared to the traditional Turny model.

Turny Evo is a swivel seat that takes the seat out of the car and lowers it to the desired height. This makes it easier to shift from a wheelchair onto the car seat itself. Once seated, simply press a button and Turny Evo will raise you and sit you inside the car.

Who wouldn’t prefer to sit in the front seat rather than sit at the back in their wheelchair? Turny Evo can be fitted on the passenger seat, on a side seat at the back and even on the driver’s side in some vehicles.


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