Our presence as exclusive partner for Austria and Alto Adige.

A training course was held at the Wingamm headquarters in Verona on 9th and 10th April 2024 for all dealers on the German market. As the exclusive official partner for Austria and Alto Adige, we certainly could not miss this opportunity, particularly to find out more about the extraordinary monocoque Wingamm and the components installed in it.
The Truma company presented its heating and air conditioning systems for camper vans and CBE explained in detail how all the electronics on a Wingamm camper van work. The tour of the graphics department was an eye opener, with its experienced engineer and product technical manager Nicolas Toppani illustrating the special production process of the monocoque and how to repair it. Last but not least, we were able to see and learn how to install a bicycle rack on the back of a Wingamm monocoque, in order to accommodate customer requests fully.

Of course, it was also an opportunity to do some networking with fellow dealers. The day ended with a delicious dinner in a restaurant in Verona together with Wingamm management and some of its employees, during which fruitful conversations were had while enjoying excellent food. Many thanks to Lorena Turri (Wingamm Managing Director) for the excellent event organisation and the warm hospitality in full Italian style.

For further information and details about WINGAMM models, please visit www.wingamm-austria.at

Mst. Christian Pötzelsberger

Mst. Christian Pötzelsberger

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