A new fruit and vegetable vending trailer 
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The Reiter family is a typical fruit and vegetable merchant from Wals. They produce fresh vegetables including carrots, cabbage, lettuce, red chicory, as well as herbs and various potato varieties.
As a member of the Genuss Region Walser Gemüse association, the Reiter family sells its products wholesale and directly to restaurants in and around Salzburg.
Together with them, we developed a “Wunsch & Maß” model vending trailer which was delivered by Borco Höhns in April 2023. We are proud to have completed this project with the Reiter family.

Technical specifications of the outfit

  • Extending from 4.2 to 8 metres
  • Special aluminium profile structure
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 1,400 kg with a load capacity of 223 kg
  • 4 gas-operated swing doors
  • Counter width of 1040 mm
  • Double shelf support on the wheel arch
  • Drawer and table that pull out from under the counter
  • Windbreak on all 4 sides with entrance for the customers
  • 2 weighing benches with connection to the mains/Internet
  • Adjustable LED lighting system
  • 230 V electrical cabinet with 2 double sockets

Thanks to:
Reiter family, 5071 Wals
Direct sale every Saturday from 8 am to 11:30 am
at the Lagerhaus warehouse in Kuchl

Photos: www.ms-fotografie.com

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