RECARO Guard 24/7 K Swivel chair for intensive everyday use. 


Rolf Opitz got in touch with us a while back after reading on the Internet that our showroom contains the broadest selection of RECARO Lifestyle swivel chairs, while providing comprehensive advice on the ergonomics of our seating range, with related testing. Following our tips and after testing the various seating options, it emerged that for a healthy back, Rolf Opitz should opt for 24/7 Guard K.

A couple of weeks after delivery, Rolf Opitz too, like all our customers, received a sweet surprise from us as a show of thanks.

Below is his e-mail reply, which makes us very proud:

“Dear Mr. Pötzelsberger,

Thank you for “sweetening” my work day. I write to testify to my total satisfaction:

As I tested several Recaro seat models carefully, Mr. Pötzelsberger competently analysed my needs and seating habits and found the ideal solution for me. He handled the order, the delivery and provided after-sales assistance with the same degree of impeccable professionalism. Not only am I extremely satisfied with the service, I am thrilled with my Recaro swivel chair (a Guard 24/7) every day. The seating comfort and the feeling of well-being while seated are unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. They have in these four months proven that I made an effective and valuable investment for my life and for my job, as I am now free of unpleasant pain.

I’m not exaggerating when I write that sometimes I feel so well that I would even carry on working and that I start the day with the desire to return to my desk: that’s how enthusiastic (and convinced) I still am of the comfort provided by my Recaro chair.

Best Regards,
Rolf Opitz”

Thanks to:
Rolf Opitz, business consultant

Christian Pötzelsberger

Christian Pötzelsberger

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