There’s nothing better than the original 
Approved by Walter Röhrl 


Perfect bespoke accessories for the interior of classic cars


The extremely sporty side padding in the backrest area provides support while guaranteeing safety even during the tightest bends. The sporty look is confirmed by the padded lower back support and by the seat depth adjustment, which help relax the driver’s muscles, providing immediate ergonomic relief.

Standard equipment:

  • Side sports padding in the backrest
  • Lower back support with padding
  • Front-flipping backrest to grant access to rear seats
  • Seat depth adjustment (between 480 and 530 mm)
  • Special upholstery cover for optimum adaptation to the body
  • Completely upholstered headrests
  • Backrest adjustment and flipping mechanism on either side

RECARO Classic LS is available with 4 different upholstery covers.

Pepita Fabric | Karo Fabric | Corduroy | Leather

Here, for instance, 2 new RECARO Classic LS seats set up for a dear German customer, in a vintage Volkswagen Beetle cabriolet with black corduroy upholstery which matches the blue of the vehicle to perfection.

Christian Pötzelsberger

Christian Pötzelsberger

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