E.g. for the VW Caddy Maxi, 2021, fifth generation


Modular seat and wheelchair positioning and fixing system

Characteristics: (B-Style)

To create a wheelchair-accessible compartment, the floor is lowered at the rear and a wheelchair and passenger safety and securing system is installed.

  • Ramp for optimum use: greater internal height and a flat, horizontal taxi ramp.
  • Stainless steel elements, which are built to stand the test of time
  • Non-slip floor to house the wheelchair
  • Ramp with shock absorbers to cushion the operating forces
  • Front seatbelt system for anchoring wheelchairs with electronic lock release, which extend to the end of the ramp
  • 4-point harness system to attach the wheelchair and automatic 3-point seatbelt for the wheelchair-bound passenger

Optional: (depending on the vehicle model)

  • Electric wheelchair loading winch with remote control
  • Headrest or head and back support

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