BORCO HÖHNS, a reliable brand


There is always a silver lining after a great storm. You can rely on us to face the future with courage, with a safe investment.

We understand your insecurities and your concerns, and have taken steps to find a solution to paying the down payment for your new Borco Höhns vehicle.
We can now offer our customers the guaranteed refund of their down payment. As leaders in our industry, it is evident to us that your down payment or advance payment needs to be covered by a guarantee.

Borco Höhns produces top-quality products, which we offer and sell with exclusive protection and support.

With our innovative ideas and solutions, we will tackle the current situation together, and successfully: this is not a dream, but rather a promise!

Contact me for more information: I’m happy to answer all your queries.

Mst. Christian Pötzelsberger

Mst. Christian Pötzelsberger

Naturally, I will be there for YOU as contact person and exclusive dealer for Austria.
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