Implementation of a Borco Höhns vending van.


Twenty-two years ago, when I was still working as head of support in a dealership, Mr. B. introduced himself and his recently purchased vending van.
In March 2019 our paths crossed again. Mr. B. was considering investing in a new vending van, a truly unique and special version, and in the meantime I had been given sole representation of Borco Höhns for Austria.
Together, we worked on the design of this vehicle for weeks, swapping ideas and taking into account the years of experience and the personal wishes of the customer.

In the end, the big moment arrived!
The vehicle ordered first went to Paul Fahrzeugbau ( in Vilshofen (Germany) for the customised adjustment of the chassis, and it then went on to the vehicle conversion plant, Borco Höhns GmbH ( in Rotenburg (Germany).

The pictures illustrate the processing and conversion stages. The exclusive modular aluminium system by Borco Höhns already makes it possible to imagine the extraordinary appeal of the vehicle that will be delivered to the customer next April 2020.
I am proud to have taken part in this project alongside the customer and I eagerly await the delivery of the vehicle.

Mst. Christian Pötzelsberger

Mst. Christian Pötzelsberger

Naturally, I will be there for YOU as contact person and exclusive dealer for Austria.
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